What is the Utah Men’s Senior Baseball League?

The Utah AABL (Adult Amateur Baseball League) is an amateur baseball league located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We provide adult players with an opportunity to play baseball with other players in their own age group and skill level.

What are the age groups of the Utah AABL?

The Utah AABL is currently divided into four (4) age determined divisions. The four (4) leagues are designed for players over 18, 35 and over 45. Other than age, there is nothing to prevent a player from joining a team in any of the three age divisions. It all depends on the player’s skill and comfort level on the field.

How long has the Utah AABL been active?

The Utah MSBL was founded in 1989 as a league for men over the age of 28. As the league grew and attracted additional players the number of teams has increased. A major change occurred in 2007. The 28+ league changed to 25+ to align with the national MSBL organization. In 2008 another division was added for players 35+. There are currently 31 teams spread across the four divisions. In 2012 the 45+ Wood Bat Division was added. In 2013 the Utah MSBL became a non-proffit organization and changed to the Utah AABL.

What is the National MSBL?

The Men’s Senior Baseball League (MSBL) is a national organization with 370 local affiliates, 4,500 teams and 85,000 members who play organized amateur baseball in local leagues, 34 regional tournaments and six national tournaments. For more information, visit www.msblnational.com.

Is this hardball or softball?

The Utah MSBL / Utah AABL plays hardball. We play 9 inning games or a 3 hour time limit whichever comes first. With 2 extra innings to determine ties. Games can still end in ties after 11 innings have been played.

What are the actual age requirements?

Players are eligible if they will reach the minimum birthday during the calendar year. Players are eligible for the 18+ division if they reach their 18th birthday during the calendar year. Players are eligible for the 25+ division if they will reach their 25th birthday during the calendar year. Players are eligible for the 35+ division if they will reach their 35th birthday during the calendar year. Players for the 45+ division if they will reach their 45th birthday during the calendar year.

Which rules are used?

The Utah AABL games are played using the rules of Major League Baseball. Bases are 90 feet with a home plate and field umpire to officiate each game. Reflecting the recreational nature of the league there are a number of local variations on these rules. Coaches are given a packet that includes the local rules.

No contact on the base paths; slide or give yourself up. We don’t want to see anyone get hurt breaking up a double play or colliding with a catcher at the plate. Each team is allowed two courtesy runners for players able to play but unable to run the bases. The injured players must be identified during ground rules and the designated runner is the last batted out.

Where does the Utah AABL play?

Most games are played on baseball diamonds within the Salt Lake County Parks system, and the Murray County Parks system. The fields that we use are Hillcrest Union, Ken Price Stadium, Oquirrh North, Oquirrh South, Southridge Park, and Willow Pond Park.

When does the Utah AABL play?

League play generally starts the last weekend of March and continues through the month of July. There are byes on Memorial Day weekend and the weekend nearest the 4th of July, and July 24th. This is called the Spring Season. The Fall season starts the first week in August and ends the last week of September. The fall playoffs start the first week in October and end the third week in October. All teams are eligible for the fall tournament, which double elimination. Teams are seeded by their record.

The 25+ league has two divisions, an American and a National; teams are placed by their competition level. the 18+ division has only the one division at this point. The 35+ league also has two divisions, an American and a National; teams are placed by their competition level also. The 45+ Wood Bat division has only the one division. In the Spring the 18+, 25+, & 35+ only play on Saturdays and Sundays. The 45+ Wood Bat Division play on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the spring. In the Fall we play on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

How much does it cost?

Actual individual player fees are determined by the teams and depend on schedule, number of players and sponsorships if any. This fee provides for rent for the ball diamonds, two umpires, insurance, and game balls. You may also be asked to contribute to purchase team equipment, but that is up to each individual team.

What equipment does the team provide?

Most teams provide practice balls, batting helmets, a small number of bats and often catchers gear. You may be asked to contribute towards the purchase and maintenance of these items.

What equipment do I need to have?

You will have to provide your own glove and personal gear. The Utah AABL allows the use of both rubber and metal spikes. You may want to have your own bat(s).

Wood and metal bats are allowed and both will be permitted for all tournaments. The maximum bat differential established by the National organization is a minus 3 for any type of metal or aluminum bat for all National tournaments. A minus 5 for any type of metal or aluminum bat is the limit for local league play and local tournaments.

What about uniforms?

The teams decide what their team name will be and what style uniforms they prefer. You may be asked to pay for your uniform although team sponsors often help defray the cost. The leagues wear major league style uniforms.

How competitive is the league?

There are players at a variety of skill and experience levels. Most players had some high school experience and maybe college. Even some Single A to Triple A players. But many haven’t played in 10, 20 or 30 years. After a few practice sessions and a few games most players find the game comes back to them and they can compete at their age level!

How do I join?

From the top menu, click and fill out the New Player Application. The form will be forwarded to the managers in that league and one or more of them will contact you.

Does the Utah AABL accept new teams?

We certainly welcome new teams in any of our leagues. If you are interested in fielding a team and would like more information, please contact league president Gary Bowman at 801.231.8340 or Vice President Mike Moore at 801.842.2731.

If I have more questions who should I contact?

President Gary Bowman at UtahMSBL@gmail.com

Vice President Mike Moore at mmShady7@gmail.com